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22 found. Viewing page 1 of 3. Sort By: Title Address Price Title of Document


Hot Properties for Sale in Enugu

~ 5000 sqm in GRA Enugu (8 to 10 plots)

Price: 80Million & 100 Million Naira

Remark:  This will be good for building Estate as well as Hotel depending of the approval you will get from the town planning authority.


Cost of Renting a Duplex in this area is between 1 million to 1.5 million yearly depending on the quality of the house.  Cost of renting flat in this area is between 350 to 500 thousand naira

Shoprite is about 2 to 5 minute drive to this land.  It is on a road linking Enugu GRA to Trans Ekulu .  Heart of the City

Title: Commercial/Residential C of O


  1. ~ 1100 Sqm at Golf Estate ( 2 plots)

Price:  32 Million Naira

Remark:  This is a low density area.  You can only build one story building in this area.  Renting a duplex in this area cost between 1 million to 1.8 million Naira yearly.

Rending flat in this area cost between 350 000 Yearly to 600 000 yearly


~ 1800 sqm at Independence Layout Phase II

Price: 28 Million Naira

Remark:  The land is on a nice location.  It has commercial/residential C of O.

For a price of 28 million, this is one of the best offer you can get.


2000 sqm at Abakiliki Road GRA Enugu

Price: 45 Million Naira

Remark:  The land is good for Estate Development


600 sqm at Achala Layout

Price: 10 Million Naira

Remark:  This is high density residential area.  You can build 4 story building in this area

Renting a flat in this area cost from 300 000  to 400 000 yearly


800sqm in Malyland Layout

Price: 8 Million Naira

Remark:  This area is high density area ideal for 9 to 12 flat bloks


4500 sqm of Land

Price: 180 Million

Location: Abakilik Road, GRA Enugu enroute Shoprite, Okpara Av, Ogui Junction and Emene

Remark: Ideal for Hotel


6 Hectares (100 plots of Land)

Price: 400 Million Naira

Location: Uwani

Remark:  This is located at Uwani, heart of Enugu City.  Very Ideal for Housing Development

This is a new and hot offer and may not last long.

It has a residential C of O.


300 Plots of Land

Price: 350 Million Naira

Location: Emene Industrial Layout

Remark:  Nice for housing Estate., real estate website for owners of land for sale in Enugu and buyers of land by owners in Enugu. was established for the sole purpose of bringing together buyers and sellers of land in Enugu on a common platform and felicitate transactions between them. Also, other properties for Sale in Enugu aside land are available at Our Dream is to help sellers and buyers close a deal as soon as possible.
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